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NB IOT wireless temperature specification

1、 Overview:
Wireless temperature transmitter is an intelligent instrument integrating wireless pressure, liquid level, temperature and pressure equipped with Nb IOT module. Suitable for diffused silicon sensor and PT100 temperature sensor. It is an ideal low-power intelligent instrument for pressure, temperature acquisition, transmission and display. It is suitable for smart city application scenarios such as oil field, water conservancy, fire pipe network, tap water pipe network and urban heating pipe network.
2、 Features:
1. Sampling ultra-low power microprocessor, Nb IOT wireless communication technology, battery powered, ultra-low power operation, battery life up to 2-5 years (affected by upload interval).
2. There is no need for gateway routing RTU and other equipment, the data is directly connected to the background server, and the installation is simple;
3. The complete and rigorous background protocol provides a concise API interface, which can easily obtain historical data through web, PC, android app and other applications, and save the operation data within one year for free.
4. Support the data access service of the third-party platform, which is suitable for oil fields, tap water, mines and water conservancy. Internal parameter settings are more suitable for group users.
5. Strong anti-interference characteristics, the temperature characteristics of the whole machine are very good, and the working temperature range is - 30-70 degrees.
6. It can be used as a separate temperature, pressure, temperature and pressure integrated wireless transmitter. Built in alarm settings and panel alarm lights.
7. The curve fitting technology calibrates the temperature and pressure curve, perfectly presents the pressure and temperature characteristics and has high stability.
8. High protection grade above IP65, suitable for field occasions.
9. User's on-site key calibration function. Support the user to calibrate the transmitter twice.
10. Various application software and hardware support, data transmission solutions, customer application software and hardware support.
3、 Technical parameters:
Accuracy class
Overload pressure
Signal transmission
Supply voltage
Battery capacity
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Operating frequency band
Band5 or band8
Wireless protocol


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